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You can buy calmly before your trip
to Miami

During your stay, we send it to your accommodation.

We receive your purchases

We manage the reception of your packages and inventory loading.

We store your purchases

We keep your packages in our storage center until you can receive it.

We send them
where you tell us

We ship your packages within the United States.

receive packages
quickly and safely

With your registration we give you a physical address in Miami for your exclusive use. From the comfort of your home, shop online at stores in the United States and have them shipped to your MYSTORKE address. We receive it, we notify you in real time, we store it until your arrival or we send it to you immediately.

How should you do it?


Send us your name, email and phone a


Receive the address of our warehouse in Miami .


Buy in the place you want and send it to our warehouse.


We receive your purchases and consolidate them.

 If necessary, we repackage to make it more practical and economical.


we can deliver it to you

where you need it.

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